Industrial Controls develops, engineers and produces regulation and control systems for selected niche markets. These technology-market combinations are characterised by an increasing demand for complex, high value and specific applications. To meet the challenging customer specifications under often severe and critical conditions we work closely together with the engineers of our Key Accounts. After achieving specification requirements we deliver excellent service anywhere in the world our partners need us.
We add value in our niche markets by delivering the most challenging customer specifications and excellent service

We aim for leading worldwide positions in our selected technology-market combinations to serve our customers globally. We make use of our global network of locations and combine our technologies if necessary using the strong brands.

We invest in world-class equipment to automate our processes to the optimum to achieve the highest efficiency and quality.

Our added value

  • Deliver the most challenging customer specifications
  • Guarantee an excellent global service capability
  • Develop new technology solutions together with Key Accounts

Our footprint

We operate from 34 locations in 17 countries

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