Industrial Services offers a unique combination of material know-how, production expertise and high-grade local service for specific market segments. Our global and extensive service network of more than 80 locations improves the material characteristics of our customers' products. This footprint enables us to service large Key Accounts who expect a global approach with local and constant service.
In order to ensure a needs-oriented production and to meet all customer specifications, we offer combined material technologies and complex precision stamping parts using our global footprint with high-quality local know-how and service. We guarantee repeatability, quick turnaround and traceability in all our top quality and most accurate processes.


We annualy treat over
500,000,000 parts
for various industries

Our coating and finishing processes highly improve the functional qualities of component surfaces. Our global customers profit from an extensive package: assignments of licenses on an international level, technical expertise, researching, developing and patenting processes. We even supply the required chemicals in order to guarantee the best quality. We are specialised in anodizing, electroless nickel, zinc-nickel, anti-corrosion and polymer & diffusion technology.
Heat treatments improve the metal structures and in some cases even the chemical properties of metal components and toolings. Besides some standard hardening processes, we also offer tailormade processes -some patented- for heat treatments, enabling us to meet our customers' most demanding requirements. Examples of our heat treatments are hardening, nitriding, nitrocarburising and case hardening.
We offer a worldwide network of precision stamping, deep drawing, flat spring and overmoulding of complex metal or metalloplastic parts, combining assembly in line into the manufacturing processes.
Wherever possible, we combine our technologies and services on customer and local level. Almost all complex precision stamping parts for example, need to be heat treated and even surface treated afterwards. This enables us to make use of our global footprint and customer relations.

Our added value

  • Improve material characteristics on customer specification
  • Offer combined material technologies
  • Offer a global footprint with high-quality local know-how and service

Our footprint

We operate from 109 locations in 19 countries

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