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We are a global company with strong local empowerment. We are convinced this is how we can nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

Working at Aalberts Industries means being part of a successful, fast growing global organisation.

The Aalberts way

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We explore and make dreams happen.

We adapt, innovate and focus on our customers’ requirements and give them back so much more than they expect.

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We are responsible for achieving our own commitments.

Proactive, accountable, and empowered to perform.

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We are passionate, self-critical and persistent in everything we do.

We challenge the status quo, push boundaries and think outside the box. And we deliver results.

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We learn from each other by being professional and open-minded.

We get better every day. We are not afraid of failure. In fact, we embrace it as a valuable stop on the route to success.

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We lead by example, act transparently and speak up.

We are professional at all times, and in everything we do.

Talent Programs

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to grow our businesses and to develop our people.

The entrepreneurial program accelerates career progression through just-in-time development tailored to talented people's ambitions. It gives maximum exposure to senior management and enables global mobility. It supports talented people who can drive business forward, lead growth and create new business ideas.

Jörn Grossmann

Jörn Grossmann

The freedom to develop and learn

In my five years working at Aalberts Industries, I’ve been able to take full advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit that Aalberts so keenly promotes. The freedom to develop and learn. Nothing illustrates this more fittingly than my first project within Aalberts Industries, for our Industrial Services business.

Set up greenfield facilities

As a Business Development Manager, my main tasks were to set up Greenfield Facilities in Poland and China. A big step forward for Aalberts, as we were venturing into very new territory. And an exciting challenge for me personally. The task was immense – from writing a business plan, looking for a location, applying for licences, recruiting staff for the local offices, convincing the management – basically, I started with a blank sheet of paper. The rest was down to me.

International scope

The experience I gained provided a solid basis for the future – and I am now Managing Director of a division with 1,500 employees, 23 sites and a budget of nearly 150 million euros. The international scope that Aalberts Industries offers, coupled with its core entrepreneurial DNA, creates a dynamic, diverse work environment. The fact that nearly 80% of my working hours are spent outside of the office demonstrates just how diverse that is. Whether I am visiting one of our facilities in Germany, or opening doors in China to link existing contracts in Europe to the team there. Because we understand that it’s essential for us to be close to our customers. By visiting them, seeing how they work and how they behave as an organisation, we are better equipped to deal with their needs and understand their business.

Adventurous working climate

The entrepreneurial program has brought me multiple opportunities. It has allowed me to develop a broad spectrum of skills and experience that has equipped me to move to an executive level. As someone who thrives on the demands, challenges and risks that new projects often encompass, I’ve been able to fully embrace the adventurous working climate that Aalberts offers. A growing, global company, willing to push forward and allow individuals to take responsibility.

Mareike Krüger

Mareike Krüger

Innovative thinking

Working at Aalberts Industries means being part of a strong, experienced group where innovative thinking is encouraged and nurtured.

Impreglon is a new member of Aalberts Industries and through the Entrepreneurial talent programme I’ve been learning a lot about other businesses and their networks. A fantastic combination of people, processes and technologies leading the way forward. Although we’re relatively new, I strongly believe Impreglon will experience further development and success: 'the whole is more than the sum of its parts!'

Get involved in the Aalberts Industries network

The learning culture at Aalberts Industries is as dynamic as the group itself. The programme is highly professional and focuses on the organisational and individual needs, making it both effective and valuable. Having worked in a managerial position for several years, I’m used to taking responsibility and driving forward the business of a plant. Besides day-to-day business skills, this programme also enables me to improve my leadership skills and it is a great opportunity to really get involved in the Aalberts Industries network, learning more about the culture and philosophy.

Be part of the drive to improve and innovate

I'm passionate about inspiring people, particularly when it comes to problem solving and continuous improvement relating to both internal processes and customer-related topics. Making things happen based on good quality decisions and ambitious leadership. More than simply reacting to management decisions, I want to be part of the drive to improve and innovate. Fulfilling my responsibilities and contributing to the success of Aalberts Industries.
Vincent Grangier

Vincent Grangier

Take full advantage
I joined Aalberts Industries in 2003, since when I have worked for several different companies within the group. And although I’ve not participated in the Entrepreneurship programme offered by Aalberts, I have been lucky enough to be able to take full advantage of the many opportunities available within the Aalberts group as a whole. I am now Managing Director of the COMAP Group in France.

Tuned into the future

Continuous development are key words within Aalberts. Whether we are talking internally or externally, with acquisitions, there is always something new to challenge you. Aalberts is very much an organisation tuned into the future – anticipating new trends and developments. Of course, we analyse the past to learn and grow, but the focus always remains on looking forward. This makes for an extremely healthy environment to work in – allowing both myself and my colleagues to constantly grow and develop. On a broader platform, it’s also very gratifying to able to share best practices, experiences and challenges with colleagues across the Aalberts Industries spectrum. Working together and supporting each other to create success within the group.


We are driving the business

Aalberts Industries is an organisation that embraces freedom and creativity. Freedom to take decisions, to define the journey. Management of course set targets, challenge and question, but ultimately the decisions are left to us. We are driving the business. Whether the team is large or small, we are encouraged to be bold. To believe that anything is possible.

Continuously improving
Personally, I am passionate about continuously improving in order to be better. I look at my strengths, but also at my weaknesses, exploring ways to do things differently and to develop. Aalberts offers me the freedom to seize opportunities, and rewards me with the pleasure I take from developing ideas and achieving success with my team.

Mattijs Planken

Mattijs Planken

Pretty much anything is achievable

I really like that Aalberts Industries is a worldwide group incorporating many different cultures. An ‘everyday-better karma' prevails, and despite the size of the organisation, the culture manages to remain informal and the structure straightforward. We are all very hands-on, we dare to take risks – and deal with the inevitable mistakes along the way. The company has solid balance sheet ratios and we hold leading positions in the markets we want to be successful in. If you have the right mentality and knowledge, pretty much anything is achievable within Aalberts Industries.

Entrepreneurial culture

The organisational structure of Aalberts Industries is such that group companies are responsible for realising results in their own region or business. Aalberts Industries firmly believes that in this setup the drive and entrepreneurship in every company can be best exploited. Communication is direct and the Management are demanding. It’s an environment in which everyone is eager and ambitious to win: every day is budget-day.

How guts and discipline play a role

During the Entrepreneurial Programme you present your progress to both your peers and the Management Board. And there are always things that turn out differently to how you had expected. The exposure to the Management Board, the peer pressure and the determination to succeed make the programme extremely effective. Entrepreneurship means of course recognising opportunities and having time and capital to invest. But what I particularly learnt from the programme is just how guts and discipline play a role when having to make decisions at key moments. Do we accelerate or pull things to a halt?

Challenging the status quo

In January 2014 I was given the chance to join the head office as Head of Marketing & Communications. A great opportunity for someone passionate about doing things differently. Standing out from the crowd. I like to question things, challenge the status quo and of course make improvements. Working in a head office of only 20 people means not only that I have the space and freedom to come up with ideas and tackle things, but it also forces me to take responsibility and deliver. Hands-on. If the idea is good, it's a matter of getting things done.


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