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thought leadership


  • Aalberts advanced mechatronics is further accelerating its brand recognition within the market
  • thought leadership will provide the outside world with a clearer image of the company and why it is a unique employer
  • this will help both attract future talent and create greater awareness among (potential) customers
  • current employees will take pride in the company being open and transparent to the outside world about what they are achieving together
Aalberts advanced mechatronics will use thought leadership to make even stronger connections with its people. Also, it will develop additional brand ambassadors and help longer term retention, while engaging with future talent. This will ensure the company is seen as an aspirational workplace, as it accelerates its brand recognition within the market. During Aalberts' latest share and learn session, Inge Colson, director HR & communications, shared the thought leadership ambitions at Aalberts advanced mechatronics and the steps they plan to take.

claiming a clear position
"The Aalberts brand has been built up steadily since we launched our new brand identity to the market in 2018, and its strength leads to opportunities across the entire group," Inge says. "Aalberts advanced mechatronics has a good reputation within its field and among its customer base. But now is the time to create a clearer image to the outside world of who we are, while helping our own people to understand even more about what we stand for and what our ambitions are, and adding even more value to our customers within the industry. Thought leadership is a key element to making this happen today, as it is all about using the talent and experience from inside the organisation to answer the key questions that our target audience have on a particular topic. But to get noticed you first need to define which audience you want to reach and how you want to be positively recognised. This is what we are working towards. We want to outline what it is that makes Aalberts advanced mechatronics unique, and which domain we want to claim in this huge online world of employers. We can then identify who the  experts are, both internally and externally, and then let them tell our story, with clearly defined content, that will reach the right people."

“Aalberts advanced mechatronics is introducing thought leadership to engage and attract future talent and ensure the company is seen as an aspirational workplace”
Inge Colson
director HR & communications at Aalberts advanced mechatronics

future talent in a fast-growing industry
Being active in the fast-growing semicon industry, Inge explains that it is vital to clearly define to both the market and future talent why Aalberts advanced mechatronics is such a distinctive organisation. “At the moment we are mainly recognised by those who already know us, but we want to break through and reach people beyond our own inner circle. This will help us attract and retain the right talent at the right time. We want talent that fits well with the company, based on who we are, what we do, and how we operate. Ultimately, achieving this will help us perform better as a business. I strongly believe that our people are our best ambassadors, and they will help us bring our brand to life, while helping to attract the talent we need. But everything needs to work together: our online presence, how our people experience working with the company and one another, and how we act and work towards our customers. And that is what we are aiming to achieve.”
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Inge Colson
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Inge Colson
director HR & communications at Aalberts advanced mechatronics

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