mission critical technologies

our environmental impact

At Aalberts, we create mission-critical technologies that enhance our clients' businesses and keep our planet in good shape

Our technologies are used in eco-friendly buildings to reduce energy consumption, we extend the lifetime of materials to reduce raw material scarcity, we enable sustainable transportation to reduce the carbon footprint, we deliver clean water and sanitation to increase the health of people. With our products and services we make a serious sustainable impact on every-day life.

eco-friendly buildings

Global developments such as climate change and urbanisation reinforce the need for energy efficiency and water savings in buildings.

Our hydronic flow control and thermal & sanitary efficiency technologies enable our end users to save energy and water which leads to eco-friendly buildings. We engineer and manufacture solutions for heating and cooling enabling our customers and end users to perfectly balance systems, to obtain maximum energy efficiency in buildings.

We continuously bring innovations to improve the performance of cooling and heating systems, such as air and dirt separators and degassing automats. We empower the energy transition by engineering technologies for district heating and solar energy.

sustainable transportation

Developments such as climate change and natural resource scarcity further push the transition towards sustainable transportation.

We contribute to this transition by providing mission-critical technologies for the electrification of vehicles. From valve engineering for battery cooling to surface treatments for electrical car parts.

With our CNG technologies for the automotive industry we empower a significant CO2 reduction in transportation. Our maritime measurement systems enable ships to significantly decrease their fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

lifetime extension materials

We extend the lifetime of metals by heat and surface treatments. We partner with leading (industrial) customers worldwide at the engineering and design phase to integrate our treatments in their manufacturing processes.

This not only improves the product quality and reliability, it also has a severe positive impact on the entire lifetime of the manufactured parts (from service to disposal of metal).

It goes without saying that we also apply such lifetime improvements to our products and innovations. Components that are both strong and light are of great importance in many markets, such as automotive and aerospace. We develop and produce high-tech, lightweight aluminium and magnesium components for these industries, combined with heat and surface treatments.

clean water and sanitation

Clean water is vital for all living organisms on earth. We provide hundred million meters pipes including the connections for the hygienic transportation and distribution of drinking water and waste water.

These solutions ensure clean water and sanitation for millions of households worldwide. Our piping systems further focus on efficient water use. In addition we offer a wide range of technologies to protect and improve water quality, for example for filtration, purification and softening.

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