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1975, Jan Aalberts established an aluminium precision extrusion company and 'Aalberts' was born.

He instilled a philosophy of dedication to progress and entrepreneurship, and now we are a major international innovator who engineers mission-critical technologies for ground breaking industries and everyday life.


welcome to aalberts

Big visions are built from many parts. Essential parts that accelerate change and keep things going. Technologies that work, and work together. Seamlessly and perpetually.

We engineer mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life. From particle and vibration-free chip-making equipment to better performing cars, from efficient production and manufacturing environments to eco-friendly buildings, from light and long-lasting high-tech materials to perfectly drafted beverages, we are where technology matters and real progress can be made. Humanly, environmentally and financially.

Our key strength is not the seminal technology we produce, but the restless, straight-shooting, entrepreneurial souls who create it. We are a company of mission-critical people who can’t resist going beyond the line of duty. For us, the whole nine yards and the extra mile are only the beginning. For us, good is never good enough.

We believe that greatness demands more than ingenuity and that failure is a valuable stop on the way to success. Sharing and discussing ‘bad’ gets us to ‘brilliant’. No matter how big the problem or opportunity is, when we say “we got this”, we won’t let go until there is nothing left to learn. This is how we deliver excellence.

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the relentless pursuit of excellence

No matter how big the opportunity is, when we say “we got this”, we won’t let go until there is nothing left to learn. We take it apart a million times and put it back together again. We assume nothing. We test everything.

This is how we deliver excellence.

the relentless pursuit of excellence

mission-critical people & technologies

product truth

good is never good enough

emotional connection

greatness is made of shared knowledge

competitive edge

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we win with people it’s that simple

brand voice

We are a brand for straight-talking, can-do, no-nonsense pragmatists. We win with people. It’s that simple. We want to get the most out of ourselves, every day. We blend boundary pushing engineering with silo-breaking entrepreneurial business sense. This is how we keep our eyes open for technological opportunities and how we manage to capitalise on them in a profitable way. Whatever the situation or request is, we put together the right team to change the game. That is how we deliver vital innovation to ground-breaking industries. Working as one, we improve the world of today and invent it for tomorrow.

This brand voice is infused in everything we do. It is the DNA of our company, it is what we stand for and what we practice and deliver every day.

In 2018 we launched our Company Passport and creative articulation to create awareness of the unique Aalberts brand culture - so that we continue to strengthen within an increasingly competitive marketplace.

A is for Aalberts

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To date, Aalberts has been acting below the radar using individual company brands for the day-day business. As the collective enterprise has grown, so too has the global footprint of the company. This growth has led to new business opportunities across markets involving multiple companies, securing the opportunity by making use of the overall Aalberts strength. We re-evaluated and modernised the Aalberts brand to spearhead this next chapter in the company’s evolution.

owning the red

Red is the colour of Aalberts. Red is the colour of blood, the lifeblood that flows through the veins of our company. When looking at our photography and design, you’ll notice a flash of red here and a tinge of red there.

Red is our heritage. It is who we are. It is symbolic. It symbolises our creativity and passion to innovate. It symbolises our DNA.

Own the Red.

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