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As from 14 July 2014 the number of outstanding shares Aalberts Industries N.V. is 110,580,502.

The following shareholders with a substantial participating interest of more than 3% are registered with the AFM register substantial holdings, in accordance with the notification duty pursuant to the Dutch Financial Supervision Act:

last updated 11 September 2018

shareholder interest disclosure date
Aalberts Beheer B.V., J. Aalberts,
J.A.M. Aalberts-Veen
13.27% 3 February 2011
FMR LLC 9.97% 2 February 2018
Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. 9.91% 22 November 2016
Capital Research and Management Company 5.51% 30 November 2017
BlackRock, Inc. 4.97% 7 September 2018

The following shares are held in accordance with the AFM register notifications directors and members of the supervisory board:

name ordinary shares conditional share awards
W.A. Pelsma, CEO 104,075 35,000
J. Eijgendaal, CFO 170,000 27,000
O.N. Jäger, Executive Director 30,807 15,000
A.R. Monincx, Executive Director 6,250 15,000