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our technologies

advanced mechatronics

together we are conquering frontiers

Aalberts advanced mechatronics delivers leading-edge innovative, tailor-made and future-proof technologies, enabling the roadmaps and manufacturing challenges of high-tech customers. We are specialised in vibration isolation, ultra precision frames and high purity fluid systems for semicon efficiency.
our competitive advantage
end markets
achieving unique markets positions with sustainable impact
strategy in action
designing and manufacturing a high-tech lifting tool for semicon industry
The TMSU is a high-tech lifting tool that enables ASML to service the NXE vacuum chamber. The ability to do heavy lifting while creating minimal particle contamination is the ultimate challenge this device fulfils.
engineering and monitoring complex control unit
With an ongoing supply base consolidation in the semiconductor industry, we successfully engineered and delivered a complex monitoring and control unit that consists of 24 individual modules from different suppliers.
providing help and support in the community
As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip across the world, the Aalberts family is uniting to provide assistance wherever and whenever possible. We are proud to share some recent initiatives taken across the company.