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Aalberts fluid control develops, engineers and manufactures fluid control technology to meet challenging customer specification requirements in sustainable transportation and industrial niches. We utilise the investment power and strength of Aalberts to invest in world-class equipment to achieve the highest efficiency and quality.
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sustainable transportation
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fluid control for global beverage companies
For multinational beverage companies we engineered bar guns to offer flexible soda dispensing systems in bars and restaurants of large food chains, hotels and casinos.
minimising environmental footprint of ships
Two major European ship owners with a total fleet of over 360 vessels contracted Aalberts to minimise the environmental footprint of their ships.
wind turbine industry innovations
Wind turbines. They are big, imposing and from a distance they look indestructible, with rotor blade diameters of up to 130 meters.
oxygen regulators supply for COVID-19
The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is impacting us all in unprecedented ways, with governments and businesses working together to support national and international healthcare efforts.
moon landing technology
Making it to the Moon takes ingenuity, precision, and dedication. Which is precisely why Aalberts fluid control was commissioned to develop an electronic pressure regulator to be used in a customer’s unmanned Moon landing.
next-level information security certification
Ventrex, part of Aalberts fluid control, was recently awarded a TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification. This certification covers the automotive industry and underwrites Ventrex' ability to provide customers with cutting-edge information security while remaining one step ahead of the competition.
intelligent valves for district energy
reliable and energy efficient valve technology to pump steam, hot water and cold water through customers' underground pipe system.