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Aalberts surface technologies improves material characteristics for regional and global key accounts, active in sustainable transportation and industrial niches. We are specialised in surface treatments, heat treatments, brazing, additive manufacturing and post processing.
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Across Aalberts, we are always launching new technologies to help customers advance their business. It is this focus on creating mission-critical solutions that helps highlight our unique strengths. RMF, part of Aalberts surface technologies in Greenville, South Carolina, has developed a SIDASA robotic treatment technology for post-plating and baking applications of trivalent passivates, with options for topcoats, sealers or waxes over zinc and zinc nickel electroplating.
surface treatment, from A-Z
At Aalberts surface technologies, we supply customers with an A-Z of treatments, from anodizing to zinc-flake coating, with a growing focus on green surface technologies. And we are able to do this for customers wherever and whenever needed.
HIP and brazing, ultimate products

Aalberts surface technologies provides key customers, at both regional and global levels, with improved material characteristics for products across a wide range of industries. One of the innovative treatment solutions we offer is hot isostatic pressing (HIP), a process that enables us to provide customers with flexibility when designing and shaping components. This is especially valuable in the aerospace and automotive sectors, where custom-designed products are frequently required.

continuity in a fast-changing market
One of our jobs is to help our customers by providing heat treatment that continuously pushes the requirements of individual components.
surface coatings, by surface specialists
Aalberts surface technologies provides customers with polymer coatings focused primarily on preventing corrosion or creating non-stick and sliding properties, and also develop innovative solutions for unique problems.

specialised business units industrial brands with strong heritage in the marketplace

MIFA is the leading brand for extrusion of magnesium and aluminium profiles since 1975. With an emerging demand for weight reduction, higher performance (endurance) and higher specification of materials, MIFA is the essential cog in the wheel.
Metalis is the leading international brand for complex metal stamping, combined with metalloplastic overmolding and in-line assembly. Since 1929, Metalis has been pioneering to serve ground-breaking industrial customers.