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our technologies

surface technologies

processing more than one billion components p.y.

Aalberts surface technologies improves material characteristics for regional and global key accounts, active in sustainable transportation and industrial niches. We are specialised in surface treatments, heat treatments, brazing, additive manufacturing and post processing.
our competitive advantage
end markets
achieving unique markets positions with sustainable impact
strategy in action
drive shafts for leading driveline manufacturer (Germany)
With decades of heat and surface treatment experience, Aalberts has a strong focus on suppliers in the automotive industry.
coating blades for world's largest gas turbine
A three-year contract achieves an historic relation between Aalberts and the producer of world’s largest gas turbine.
distinctive capability with precision extrusion technology
Aalberts has vigorously developed various technologies in recent years. A strong example is the precision extrusion technology.
enhancing aircraft value chain with 3D technology
Because every kilogram counts in an aircraft, manufacturers are always on the lookout for parts that are lighter, more economical and less expensive.
adapting to market’s demand through a more future-focused portfolio
With ongoing investments to help us grow organically, our strategic goal is to balance our presence in Europe, North America and Asia.
overseas students gain leadership insights
For most finance and business undergraduates, classroom lectures and theory are the norm. But for a group of around 30 keen students from Brigham Young University in the United States, the classroom was recently replaced with a visit to MIFA, part of Aalberts specialised manufacturing, world-leader in aluminum precision extrusion.
top aerospace companies recognise Aalberts heat treatment
Quality and delivery standards that are classed by customers as 'excellent' is the ambition of many.
surface treatment providing innovative solutions to complex problems
Companies and manufacturers want their production processes to run smoothly. It's that simple. And that's what Aalberts surface treatment helps their customers achieve, no matter which industry they are in, by providing innovative solutions to complex problems.
making labelling a more efficient process for customers
Labels. On bottles, cans, and jars. Walk into a supermarket and you will see thousands of them. But chances are you've never thought about how they got there. Well we have. And Aalberts surface treatment is helping one of its key customers, Krones AG, make labelling an even more efficient process.
further progress for additive manufacturing
Turning new technology into an asset is something we do well, and our introduction to the field of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is no exception, when we began using our first-ever HIP machine in Europe earlier this year. As customer demand grows, Aalberts heat treatment is making machine number two.
enabling automotive transitions by offering advanced heat and surface treatment technology
Autonomous driving, hybrid and fully electric engines, as well as a growing list of electrical features, are driving the demand for electric power in passenger cars.
providing help and support in the community
As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip across the world, the Aalberts family is uniting to provide assistance wherever and whenever possible. We are proud to share some recent initiatives taken across the company.
mission-critical services making a difference
Engineering mission-critical technologies for our customers is what we do, and we are especially proud to be able to help the healthcare sector at such an important time.
innovating during unusual times
At Aalberts we embrace ongoing uncertainty and disruption as an opportunity to differentiate and to show our unique strengths. We continue to support our customers and develop cutting-edge solutions. It's this entrepreneurial and can-do spirit that will help us emerge stronger from the current crisis.
new technologies for strategic industries
Across Aalberts, we are always launching new technologies to help customers advance their business. It’s this focus on creating mission-critical solutions that helps highlight our unique strengths. RMF, part of Aalberts surface technologies in Greenville, South Carolina, has developed a SIDASA robotic treatment technology for post-plating and baking applications of trivalent passivates, with options for topcoats, sealers or waxes over zinc and zinc nickel electroplating.
exploring new heights
The space sector thrives on innovation and technological progress. In recent years, the industry's ambitions have grown to include reusable rockets, producing smaller satellites, and making launch costs more affordable. For technology-driven organisations like Aalberts, such a fast-changing, high-margin environment leads to a raft of new opportunities. One great recent example is providing crucial surface treatment on a rocket engine part.
state-of-the-art brazing expertise for sustainable initiative
Aalberts is currently involved in an innovative and sustainable initiative which generates electricity through a highly efficient fuel cell, providing vacuum brazing for the heat exchanger and gas-supply pipes of this highly efficient product called BlueGEN.
specialised software that benefits customers
Adex, part of Aalberts surface technologies and Aalberts hydronic flow control are using two distinct software systems to help their customers design and plan products or systems, enabling them to achieve more sustainable outcomes by saving energy and cutting costs.
improving the process of six million parts
Thinking outside the box and going the extra mile are just two of the characteristics that define RMF, part of Aalberts surface technologies. These two characteristics were on display when the company came up with ingenious ways to reduce costs for powder coating brake calipers and brake fluid systems, as well as helping them to expand their production processes.