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strategy and objectives 2018-2022 strategy 'focused acceleration'

remain focused
continued focus on businesses, end markets and niche technologies with sustainable profitable growth potential, delivering high added value for our customers
improve technology positions
 accelerate organic growth, increase game changing innovations executing our long-term innovation roadmap, combine our offerings to Key Accounts and strengthen our market positions with mainly bolt-on acquisitions
improve profitability continuously
 relentlessly continue and expand our Operational Excellence Programme through pricing excellence, make or buy decisions, further consolidation of locations, manufacturing and supply chain efficiency improvements
use Aalberts strengths
together, winning with people, by exchanging best practices of manufacturing technology, innovations, working methods & know-how utilising our Aalberts brand, global footprint, investment power, acquisition expertise and talented people


worldwide leading niche technology positions
in the defined end markets and businesses supported by strong brand names, serving a variety of global end markets
creating sustainable profitable growth
in earnings per share with a good spread in businesses, technologies, end markets and geographical regions with good growth potential
generating high added-value margins
by creating leading niche technology-end market positions, Operational Excellence, providing excellent services to our customers and continuously driving innovations
converting strong operational execution into free cash flow
to reinvest in selected businesses and technologies, with disciplined allocation of capital, to accelerate organic growth, innovations and acquisitions
achieving following financial ratios
average organic revenue growth > 3%
 EBITA margin  > 14%
 ROCE  > 18%
 free cash flow conversion ratio  > 70%
 leverage ratio  < 2.5
 solvability  > 40%

our entrepreneurial structure exchange fresh thinking and embrace
new technologies

With over 16,000 employees, Aalberts operates some 70 business locations and 80 service locations with activities in over 50 countries. Our organisational structure of four business segments is covered by some 15 business teams.
The Executive Team is responsible for the leadership of the 15 business teams, best practices exchange through specialised Aalberts networks and driving our strategy 'Focused acceleration' 2018-2022 to achieve our Aalberts objectives. A lean and effective management structure.
The head office with 25 employees including the Management Board, facilitates central functions like strategy, marketing & communications, M&A, business development, group control, legal and governance, treasury, tax, insurance, internal audit and all responsibilities and communications towards our shareholders.
*) Management Board
executive team
Wim Pelsma *
Arno Monincx *
Oliver Jäger
executive director
Marcel Abbenhuis
executive director
Maarten van de Veen
executive director
André in het Veld
executive director
supervisory board
Martin van Pernis
Marjan Oudeman
Piet Veenema
Jan van der Zouw

track record enhancing our technology portfolio since 1975

founded in 1975

Jan Aalberts founds Mifa (aluminum precision extrusion) in the Netherlands 

total revenue in 1975
EUR 250 thousand


foundation holding

foundation of the holding company Aalberts Industries B.V.

Adex ('77)

quotation Amsterdam Stock Exchange

quotation at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Germefa ('86)

total revenue 1987
EUR 22 million

entering new end markets

start industrial services (now Aalberts material technology) by acquiring BGT (surface treatment technology) and first step residential and commercial end market by acquiring VSH in The Netherlands.

Overeem ('88), Kluin ('91), VSH ('91), BGT ('91)

total revenue 1991
EUR 90 million


further expansion in Europe

Aalberts acquires companies in Germany, Nordic and Russia.

DSI ('92), Broen ('93), VTI ('93), Mamesta ('95)

total revenue 1995
EUR 170 million

Aalberts goes international

first steps in USA by founding Ionic and acquiring Taprite

Seppelfricke ('96), Härterei Hauck ('97), Nowak ('97), Ionic (founded, '98), Simplex/Roßweiner Armaturen ('98), Taprite ('99), TTI ('99) Flow Control production in Eastern Europe (BROEN Poland)

total revenue 1999
EUR 385 million

European leader connection technology

Aalberts becomes Europe's biggest connection technology manufacturer by acquiring Yorkshire Fittings GBR.

Mogema ('00), HSF ('00), AHC ('01), Meibes ('01), Standard Hidraulica ('01), Acorn ('01), Meibes ('02), H&ST ('02), Traitesa ('02), Yorkshire Fittings ('02), Stålservice AB ('03)

total revenue 2003
EUR 775 million

stronger position in Aerospace end market

 acquisition of SGI and Accurate Brazing enhances footprint in Aerospace end market, promoted to AMX index in 2005

Raufoss Water & Gas ('04), Elkhart Products Corp. ('04), SGI ('05), Accurate Brazing Corporation ('05), Pegler Holdings Limited ('05), Hidroaplicaciones Group S.A ('05), Comap S.A. ('06), Holmgrens ('06), KAN ('07), LASCO Fittings ('07)

total revenue 2007
EUR 1,707 million

further enhancement installation technology footprint

by acquiring Henco Industries in Belgium and Conbraco Industries in North America.

IDE ('08), Duralloy ('08), Cotterlaz ('08), Henco ('08), Zawgaz ('08), Conbraco ('10),  Lamers High Tech Systems ('11), DEC SA ('11), Galvanotechnik Baum ('11)

total revenue 2011
EUR 1,937 million

strengthening climate and material technology

with acquisition of Nexus Valve, Flamco and Impreglon, promoted to AEX index in 2015

BSM Valves ('12), GF-Flamm-Metallspritz-GmbH ('13), GtO Slovakia ('13), Nexus Valve ('14), Flamco ('14), Impreglon ('14), VENTREX ('15)

total revenue 2015
EUR 2,475 million

further enhancing niche technology portfolio

with multiple niche bolt-on acquisitions

Ushers ('16), Schroeder ('16), Tri-Went ('16), Shurjoint ('16), Vin Service ('17), Pneutec ('17),  PEM ('18), VAF ('18),  RMF ('18), Co-Planar ('18), PPC ('19), Applied ('19)

total revenue 2019
EUR 2,841 million

head office Aalberts N.V.

visiting address
WTC Utrecht
Stadsplateau 18
NL-3521 AZ Utrecht
postal address
PO Box 1218
NL-3500 BE Utrecht

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