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At Aalberts, we are no-nonsense, straight-talking, proudly technical people, who engineer mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life. So it should be no surprise that sustainability has been a concern of ours since 1975 because, well, it’s just common sense.

Day in, day out, our more than 16,000 strong team of entrepreneurs is focused to achieve our objectives as sustainably as possible. From creating technologies that enable our customers to enhance their own businesses and get the planet back into good shape, to ensuring our own operations are as clean, green, and waste-free as possible. We are there, relentlessly doing our bit. Because that’s 'the Aalberts way'

health & safety

At Aalberts everything revolves around safety. We are focused on preventing incidents that may be harmful to our employees and neighbouring communities. We continuously invest in a culture in which people know what their own responsibility is to make Aalberts a safe place to work.

There are health & safety training programmes in place for employees, such as toolbox safety sessions, training on use of personal protection equipment, emergency preparedness procedures and hazard identification. Safety trainings are part of the onboarding process of new employees and are regularly repeated. Our policy focuses on improving procedures at all group sites that do not perform at the group average according to the KPIs and targets set. Since we started measuring our health & safety KPIs in 2010, we had zero fatalities.

Best practices to improve health & safety practices are being shared ongoingly, for example registration and follow up of near misses. Each business has developed health & safety improvement plans. Moreover, most companies have safety management systems in place in accordance with the ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001 standards and safety policies and manuals are in place at all our production and service locations.


responsible consumption and production
Reuse, reduce, recycle is the common thread in our activities. Not only in the production and manufacturing processes, but also in distribution and logistics and the product design phase. The Aalberts environmental management policy covers energy consumption, water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste.

Eco-design guidelines are incorporated in the processes to reduce the use of raw materials and energy. We also reduce the use of raw materials by applying additive manufacturing in our own production process. The circular economy concept is integrated in the design process of many of our products to make sure that they can be reused at the end of their lifetime. We conduct lifecycle assessments of the environmental impact of various of our products.

environmental performance indicators
Reducing also means taking responsibility for our own CO2 footprint, energy and water use. We measure the energy and water consumption of our entire organisation as from 2017.


Aalberts is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity, to follow the law and to make sure that each employee and business partner is treated respectfully.

Code of Conduct
We are proud of our excellent reputation as a responsible and reliable employer and business partner. The Aalberts Code of Conduct contains seven main business standards as rules of ethical conduct all Aalberts employees must follow, including business integrity. We train our people on these standards via the Aalberts integrity academy. Doing business all over the world requires taking appropriate measures relating to topics like anti-corruption & bribery, export control & sanctions and competition law. Via our Speak up! procedure we enable employees and business partners to report violations of the Code of Conduct or other misconduct, to keep our standards high.

supply chain management
We not only focus on our own operations, but ask our business partners to live by the same main principles as our Code of Conduct. We contractually bind our suppliers to adhere to the principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct and take sustainability as one of the key topics for our selection process. In addition, several initiatives are implemented to support local procurement.

human rights & labour relations
Aalberts’ commitment to respect human rights is laid down in a formal human rights policy. Aalberts wants to build long-term, sustainable relationships with its employees by paying fair salaries and benefits. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are self-evident, fundamental rights, which we respect. At Aalberts, the principle of free choice of employment is inviolable. It applies to every employee in every country we operate.

respecting diversity
Aalberts recognises and respects the differences between individuals. Recruiting and developing a diverse workforce gives us a wide range of perspectives and allows us to explore and adopt new ideas and innovations in technology. It also allows us to better understand and meet the needs of our diverse customers and communities.

Our code of conduct contains seven main business standards as rules of ethical conduct all employees must follow.

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Aalberts' commitment to respecting human rights, as defined by the United Nations in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is laid down in a formal human rights policy.

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Should you become aware of any conduct that you believe violates our Code of Conduct, please speak up!

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