acquisition UWS and Heat-Power in Germany


  • acquisition UWS Technologie GmbH and Heat-Power 24 GmbH (Germany)
  • water treatment systems and maintenance services for eco-friendly buildings
  • 90 employees, annual revenue approximately EUR 25 million

Aalberts further strengthens portfolio hydronic flow control in eco-friendly buildings

Aalberts N.V. has reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of UWS Technologie GmbH (UWS) and service company Heat-Power 24 GmbH (Heat-Power) based in Insingen, Germany, generating an annual revenue of approximately EUR 25 million with 90 FTE.

UWS, mainly active in DACH, develops and manufactures water treatment systems to improve the energy efficiency of heating and cooling installations in eco-friendly buildings. Heat-Power offers filling services and regular maintenance of the UWS systems for eco-friendly buildings, in close cooperation with the building owner and installer. These services are often combined with IoT solutions to optimise energy efficiency in the heating and cooling systems by measuring and improving water quality according to government regulations. The UWS portfolio of systems, services and IoT solutions consists of water measuring technology, filling, mobile venting, replenishment, cleaning and filtration.

Water treatment of heating and cooling systems is a fast-growing market. Firstly, due to government regulations to ensure optimum energy efficient heat and cooling transfer and to extend the lifetime of the systems. Secondly, the growth of heat pump and surface heating and cooling stimulates the urge for protection, service and maintenance of these systems, which are more capital intensive and more sensitive to dirt and poor water quality.

The UWS systems and Heat-Power services are complementary to the technology offering of Aalberts hydronic flow control and Sentinel, acquired in 2021. The UWS systems and Heat-Power services can be introduced in almost all regions where Aalberts hydronic flow control and Sentinel are active, utilising the existing sales forces. The combined strength and knowledge of the service, innovation and digital teams will drive significant future growth in improving the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems for the eco-friendly buildings end market.

The experienced management team of UWS and Heat-Power will continue to manage the company and work closely together with Aalberts hydronic flow control, realising the growth plan.

The results of UWS will be consolidated after finalising all necessary formalities. The acquisition will directly contribute to the earnings per share and will be financed from existing credit facilities.
Joey Hunsel
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Joey Hunsel
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