continued investments in semicon efficiency


  • Aalberts advanced mechatronics is investing in a new factory to grow its output of production machinery for the semicon industry
  • this growth is driven by the continuing global demand for microchips
  • the factory will incorporate an R&D lab and an 'Experience Centre', which will be used to train and develop new employees

Aalberts advanced mechatronics is investing in a new factory in the Netherlands to increase its output for the fast-growing semicon efficiency end market. The growth strategy is supporting our people and semicon customers and our latest investment, a new factory in Dronten, fits with this strategy.

The latest investment is a new manufacturing facility in Dronten, the Netherlands, which will enable Aalberts advanced mechatronics to produce large and extremely accurate aluminium and steel frames for the manufacture of semicon production machinery. This is driven by the extreme demand for microchips, as consumers purchase goods that utilise artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and 5G. Aalberts advanced mechatronics expects to see continued growth in the semicon industry for years to come, and believes that investing in the Dutch manufacturing industry provides us with innovation and employment opportunities.

employment and sustainability
The new facility, which will be ready by early 2023, will incorporate sustainable solutions throughout the construction cycle. As well as contributing to our sustainability goals, it will also include an R&D lab and an 'experience centre' to host customers, the local community, and to train and develop new employees and students. Many of these skilled employees will be recruited from across the local area. And given our predictions for growth within the semicon environment, the site also has room for future expansion. We believe this is a great opportunity to further support our valuable semicon customers.

Lisanne Zwinkels
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Lisanne Zwinkels
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