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acquisition Machinefabriek Van Andel in the Netherlands


  • acquisition Machinefabriek Van Andel B.V. (the Netherlands)
  • takeover production resources, inventory, expertise and brand rights
  • annual revenue approximately EUR 10 million

Aalberts Industries N.V. has taken over the production of press fittings from Machinefabriek Van Andel B.V. The transaction includes the takeover of production resources, inventory, expertise and brand rights to add to Aalberts Industries’ earlier acquisition of exclusive sales rights. All press fittings activities will be based in Hilversum at the premises of the newly established company VSH Press B.V.

Bringing development, production and sales together under one roof will enable Aalberts Industries to position itself more effectively in the European press fittings market. The press fitting is one of the leading connection technologies used in water, gas and central heating systems.  Aalberts Industries anticipates considerable growth in this market in the next few years and aims to increase its market share to more than 10%.

An investment programme designed to expand production capacity during this period has already begun. Turnover is forecast to grow to around €10 million a year.

The activities of VSH Press B.V. will make a positive contribution to profit growth.

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