entrepreneurial spirit during COVID-19


  • the Aalberts entrepreneurial spirit made us continue to innovate during the pandemic
  • developed a ball valve for district heating or cooling, applied for a European Patent for our new LASOX-COAT process and was awarded a Red Dot Award 2020 in Product Design for its latest generation pump groups

At Aalberts we embrace ongoing uncertainty and disruption as an opportunity to differentiate and to show our unique strengths. We continue to support our customers and develop cutting-edge solutions. It's this entrepreneurial and can-do spirit that will help us emerge stronger from the current crisis.

innovative products
Engineers of Aalberts fluid control, have developed a new modular-built trunnion-mounted ball valve for district heating or cooling. The new valve, which is based on the reliable and energy efficient BROEN Ballomax® technology, requiring minimum maintenance and with a long product life, has a compact design and lighter construction. This makes it easier to handle and provides savings in isolation materials.

new patents
Aalberts surface technologies have also continued to innovate, applying recently for a European Patent for their new LASOX-COAT process. As an innovative process for the production of wear and/or corrosion-resistant oxide layers on aluminum and titanium, this process uses a laser to coat the workpiece in an oxygen atmosphere. This means the process doesn’t require the use of any chemicals, a key advantage.

award-winning design
Aalberts hydronic flow control, was awarded a Red Dot Award 2020 in Product Design for its latest generation pump groups. The Red Dot Award is a prestigious international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts.

As a variable and efficient new generation of pump groups for boiler systems, the MeiFlow Top S pump offers maximum flexibility in configuration and use. This means that not only can it be used in many different applications, but its innovative design will ultimately save customers time and money.

Across the organisation we continue to innovate together, knowing that this makes us stronger and better able to serve our customers.

Lisanne Zwinkels
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Lisanne Zwinkels
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