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integrated technology for electrical car gigafactory

When America’s most disruptive manufacturer of electrical vehicles announced it was building its gigafactory in Reno (Nevada), there was a scramble for position amongst contractors and their installation technology suppliers.
Four contractors were eventually chosen to supply the site and, after keen negotiations and intensive relationship building, Aalberts Building Installations was able to secure a commitment from three of them to support our ‘Apollo Flow Controls’ branded technology for this North American project.
Our ability to supply the systems in a timely manner and also support the project locally, through our Reno distribution centre, met the clients’ strict timelines and budget demands. We feel confident that the good working relationship established with the contractors will deliver further referrals in the future.
This new lithium-ion battery gigafactory is a big deal to everyone involved as the project does not only offer a substantial market, it is also a great endorsement from one of the most high profile tech companies in the USA.
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Lisanne Zwinkels
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