stronger as one brand


  • Aalberts surface technologies is rebranding its sites around the world to the Aalberts look and feel
  • the move will help the company provide customers with an even stronger and more unified front
  • at the same time, the goal is to provide potential employees with a more distinct range of career opportunities
seizing opportunities as one
Aalberts surface technologies recently kicked off the rebranding of its sites around the world to the Aalberts look and feel. The rebranding will continue throughout the summer, with the aim of completing the final locations in North America by the end of the third quarter. Creating an integrated strategy and operating under one brand will help Aalberts surface technologies provide regional and global customers with an even stronger and more unified front, as they offer a complete selection of coatings and other technologies. Oliver Jäger, executive director of Aalberts surface technologies, explains why the change was made.

“The primary aim of integrating our surface and heat treatment facilities into one Aalberts brand is to have a joint approach and appearance to the market, which is appealing for larger customers and key accounts,” Oliver says. “Customers take confidence in working with a large organisation like Aalberts, which has a global presence, so the move will help support our business development. But we also want to use it to help make us an even more attractive career option. In general, the surface technology business is quite decentralised and has a large share of family-owned businesses. So if you want to attract professionals and provide them with possibilities to grow in different business areas, whether regionally or internationally, and across multiple career paths, we believe you stand a better chance of success as a centralised organisation.”

“I think this rebranding will open doors to a wider range of business”

new horizons
One industry where Oliver expects a more unified view to offer strong business opportunities is automotive. “When you look at larger customers, I think this rebranding will open doors to a wider range of business, and we want to reach further along the value chain of our customers’ products. For example, in the car industry the growth of e-vehicles is leading to R&D changes, which is impacting the way companies produce cars and offer services. We have the strength to play a greater role in this area, offering new treatment solutions that keep pace with the next generation of vehicles. And our range and depth means we can offer the same benefits locally but with global coverage, which is a terrific asset and will help us achieve our ambitions.”

Working as one helps us grow together, and we are proud to see such strong progress being made across our specialised areas.
Oliver Jäger
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Oliver Jäger
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