further progress for additive manufacturing

further progress for additive manufacturing

Turning new technology into an asset is something we do well, and our introduction to the field of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is no exception, when we began using our first-ever HIP machine in Europe earlier this year. As customer demand grows, Aalberts heat treatment is making machine number two.

growing demand for additive manufacturing
“In today’s manufacturing environment, service businesses like ours need to constantly improve our capabilities, especially when it comes to meeting the tight timelines of the aircraft and ground turbine industries," says Steven Francis, President, Accurate Brazing.

Accurate’s new HIP machine includes advanced technology which combines HIP and heat treatment in a single process. As well as leading to improved parts performance, the new press will allow the company to expand its product offering and compress overall lead times for its customers, as demand for these types of technological solutions increases.

customer satisfaction
Unlike customary subtractive manufacturing, where 3D objects are manufactured by removing material, hot isostatic pressing plays a vital role in 3D printing, helping in post processing. And with Accurate known for its unique expertise, capacity, and ability to take new programs and get them into production quickly, the addition of the new HIP machine is a natural progression for it to better serve its customers.

By focusing on technology and innovative solutions, we know we can help improve our customers’ world today, tomorrow and into the future.