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  • Mark Postma joined the trainee programme in 2019
  • the entrepreneurial environment and mindset within Aalberts stand out

“Joining the Aalberts family in the fall of 2019 was one of the best decisions I ever made. What initially attracted me was the diverse and growing industries the company is active in, combined with its international presence. As a Digital Marketeer at Aalberts integrated piping systems, my days can be diverse. From presenting a marketing plan, traveling across Europe, or helping with the business development of high-capacity hand sanitiser stations, working at the company is always an adventure."

“the diverse and growing industries the company is active in, combined with its international presence, attracted me”

freedom of ideas
"At Aalberts you are in charge of your own schedule, and it’s because of this entrepreneurial environment and mindset that the business and its people are always growing. Innovation and great ideas need freedom to develop. I discovered this freedom first-hand as an Aalberts trainee, and I still enjoy it in my current role."

common values
"While every Aalberts business is different and has its own history, there are several common factors, such as a pragmatic culture and a desire for growth. Two of Aalberts values – ‘Be an entrepreneur’ and ‘Take ownership’ – have particularly influenced me, partly because I experience them on a daily basis. I’ve learned that if you take action and are willing to go the extra mile, the sky is the limit. I look forward to continually sharing ‘the Aalberts way’ with the world and help growing our business through digital marketing."

Mark Postma
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Mark Postma
former trainee Aalberts, currently digital marketeer at Aalberts integrated piping systems
Aalberts integrated piping systems

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