embarking on an exciting journey


  • Max de Boer started his career at Aalberts advanced mechatronics, entering the world of semicon
  • In three years time he worked his way to team leader of production, his first leadership role

As a student, you spend years contemplating your future career, but it's impossible to foresee how it will unfold. Our colleague, Max de Boer, team lead production at Aalberts advanced mechatronics, discovered his path in an unexpected way.

A world of new possibilities
"I studied mechanical engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences", Max said. "After graduating, I embarked on a motorcycle trip with a friend before finding myself briefly unemployed. It was during this time that my mom shared a job listing at Aalberts advanced mechatronics, urging me to seize the opportunity. Recognising the need to start somewhere, I decided to give it a shot."

An eye-opening experience
Max recalls his initial encounter with Aalberts advanced mechatronics, realising that he had stumbled upon a whole new world. "The advanced technology, cleanroom operations, and intricate rules were beyond my imagination", Max said. "Companies like Aalberts advanced mechatronics were previously unknown to me, but now I had the chance to delve into this exciting industry."

A multifaceted journey
Over the past three years, Max has undergone a crash course in the realm of Aalberts advanced mechatronics. He has worked on diverse projects, including reverse engineering modules developed by Aalberts advanced mechatronics' competitors, contributing to cleanroom tooling, training warehouse colleagues on the new enterprise resource planning system, and building prototypes from scratch for esteemed companies like ASML. "This multifaceted experience has provided both challenges and satisfaction, allowing me to broaden my skill set beyond expectations", Max said. "I have recently embraced a new role as the team leader of production. In this position, I supervise the mechatronics and TOC departments, as well as the Saturday crew, mainly composed of students working in the cleanroom. As my first leadership role, it presents me with fresh challenges."

building strong connections
Max's strength lies in his ability to connect with people. "I cherish the camaraderie I share with colleagues, even across different departments", max continues. "Unlike traditional engineers, I actively engage with colleagues from various teams, ensuring personal connections with everyone. In addition to my core responsibilities, I take pleasure in organising events like pub quizzes and Viking Runs, fostering a vibrant and enjoyable work environment."

“the company places great trust in my capabilities and this autonomy has been transformative”

empowered with freedom
Max has also become accustomed to the freedom granted at Aalberts advanced mechatronics. "The company places great trust in my capabilities, allowing me to execute projects independently. This autonomy has been transformative, as I don't longer need constant permission-seeking but can make decisions based on what I deem best. Such empowerment at the age of 25 is a rare opportunity."

an exciting journey
unfolds Max's professional journey has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, each offering pleasant surprises beyond his predictions. While contemplating his next steps, he remains focused on supporting his team, ensuring smooth operations, and developing his leadership skills. Max believes this role is a perfect fit for him, but only time will tell. 

Max de Boer
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Max de Boer
team leader production at Aalberts advanced mechatronics
Aalberts advanced mechatronics

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