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  • Aalberts is partnering with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on the TU/e contest
  • the contest will help us to connect with students who could be new talent hires across the company
  • being able to present students with a sustainability business case will help us jointly investigate our sustainability goals
last year's TU/e contest presentation

last year's TU/e contest presentation

At Aalberts, we’re always working to connect with the next generation of top-talent. Which is why we’re partnering with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on the TU/e contest, which challenges students to further develop their innovative ideas, prototypes, business plans or research projects, helping them to discover and develop their vision and creativity.

challenge-based education
At Aalberts, we believe the challenge will lead to a deeper connection with students who could be prospective employees. The students form teams, with around 40 taking part in the contest. It could be compared to an invention that they have to develop to a mature and feasible level. Every team can rely on coaches provided by the companies that participate, such as engineers from Aalberts advanced mechatronics. Teams can ask the coaches any questions they have, and the coaches will guide them through a number of milestones. At the end of the contest a jury selects a winner and, alongside a cash prize, the team can take up a challenge. Aalberts advanced mechatronics has already decided their challenge will focus on their sustainability objectives.

dare to dream
For Aalberts, the contest is a positive addition to the annual student open days at universities, where the company simply presents itself to students. It is also different from the university sponsorships where we work closely together with student teams. Aalberts is always looking for new talent, and within the technology field we need people with a wide array of specialisms, who have the passion and skills to help us build a sustainable future together. The contest is a great way to see the students in action—how do they think, approach a problem, and respond to challenges. And they may be working on topics that we, as Aalberts, are interested in, so it will be fascinating to see how they solve difficulties.

sustainable agenda
As well as acting as a sponsor and mentoring partner, Aalberts will also present students with a sustainability business case. Sustainability is a key driver for students when they select their employer, and it’s a key driver within Aalberts. We want the students to think with us on how we can become more sustainable, for example how can we start using more reusable parts. Ultimately, we aim to have some of the best students work with us on location for a short period. The sustainability challenge, and the competition in general, give us the chance to both connect with potential new employees and help us create ambassadors for the future.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we continuously strive to identify talent that will contribute to our ongoing innovation and growth.
Lisanne Zwinkels
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Lisanne Zwinkels
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