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Aalberts to invest in serving telecommunications market

Aalberts Industries N.V., listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and active in the area of Flow Control Systems and Industrial Services, plans this year to expand its facilities for the production of components and subsystems for mobile telecommunications.

The mobility, data transport and internet capabilities needed in telecommunications and related new technological developments like WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) generate an ongoing demand for new equipment. Leading telecommunications companies are developing new technology with enormous drive, a trend to which Aalberts Industries - notably its Industrial Services arm - directly responds.

A number of specialised companies supplying components and subsystems for mobile telecommunications have emerged around the major North European telecommunications concerns. Aalberts Industries is one of these, operating through its Mifa group companies. Already in the past six months it has booked sales of several million.

On the basis of current prospects an extremely fast rate of growth is expected this year and the years ahead. Production lines in the Mifa group are being expanded with an eye to meeting this turnover growth. Aalberts Industries focuses specifically on the production and processing of components for the WAP network. One of the specialities developed for these products is the wave–protecting silver coating, which helps optimise signals.

Aalberts Industries envisages being able to expand its Industrial Services activities for telecommunications markets substantially in the next few years.

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