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Conti-Efka Europe opens offensive on legionella bacterium

Conti-Efka Europe B.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aalberts Industries N.V., is to begin sales in the Benelux of a new total concept to control the legionella bacterium (which causes Legionnaire’s disease), based on thermal disinfection. Conti-Efka was set up especially for this purpose, and has been operating in the Benelux since 1 May 2001; rapid expansion to other European countries is planned.

Conti-Efka offers a total concept solution to clients who are involved in the control of the legionella bacterium, for example in swimming pools, saunas, fitness centres, hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, hospitals and nursing homes. As well as offering a range of newly developed, high-quality thermal disinfection products, Conti-Efka also provides its clients with advice and offers them a low-investment financial concept, combined with an all-in service package spanning several years.

Many clients in Europe, and especially in the Benelux, Germany and Denmark, are struggling to deal with an increasing incidence of accidents caused by the presence of the legionella bacterium in public shower facilities. In the Netherlands there is a statutory obligation to take measures in such facilities before 1 November 2001. Conti-Efka Europe B.V. is responding to this.

Aalberts Industries N.V. has pooled the relevant expertise present within the various companies in its Flow Control Systems division in order to come up with a solution to this problem. The result is a solid technical solution combined with reliability and certainty. In developing this total solution, optimum use has been made of the technical know-how and existing distribution channels of the companies in the Flow Control Systems division.

Information on the new company, Conti-Efka Europe B.V., can be found on the website www.Conti-Efka.nl.

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