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presentation at programming college


  • Aalberts presented itself at Codam to illustrate to students what difference we make in ground-breaking industries
  • students are the people of tomorrow Aalberts likes to engage with them and illustrate what we do and offer at Aalberts

Investing in the future: Aalberts was invited to Codam, a programming college in Amsterdam, to speak about the social and environmental challenges of today and how we, as Aalberts, can make a positive impact with our mission-critical technologies.

Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp, director sustainability and relations at Aalberts N.V. talked about our sustainable entrepreneurship and the end-markets where we make impact with our products. This was followed by a deep-dive into the eco-friendly building market. Emiel Woestenberg, director digital products & connectivity, at Aalberts hydronic flow control explained all about the role of digitalisation and how our approach towards building life cycle management helps with these environmental challenges. Students are the people of tomorrow so we like to engage with them and illustrate what we do and offer at Aalberts: the opportunity to make a difference in ground-breaking industries.”

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Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp
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Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp
director sustainable entrepreneurship

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