publication full year results 2022


  • revenue EUR 3,230 million; organic growth 8.7%
  • orderbook increased with 37%
  • EBITA EUR 500 million; EBITA margin 15.5%
  • net profit before amortisation EUR 372 million; per share EUR 3.37
  • free cash flow EUR 168 million
  • capital expenditure increased to EUR 203 million
  • innovation rate increased to 17%; SDG rate to 68%
  • acquisitions ISEL, UWS and KML; divestments ETI and VTI

Aalberts realises 9% organic revenue growth and an EBITA margin of 15.5%

CEO statement
“We delivered a strong and resilient performance in 2022. The ongoing pandemic, supply chain challenges, raw material and labour shortages and inflation were leading to inefficiencies, additional costs and a higher level of inventory. Our Aalberts people did a great job in relentlessly finding solutions to continue the service to our customers, delivering strong results and driving the long-term business development plans.

Due to our unique positioning, continuous portfolio optimisations and ongoing pricing initiatives we realised an added value margin of 62.4%. Our revenue reached EUR 3,230 million with an organic revenue growth of 8.7%. We realised an EBITA of EUR 500 million with an EBITA margin of 15.5%. Our net profit before amortisation increased with 10% to EUR 372 million, per share EUR 3.37. The orderbook increased with 37% compared to last year. Our innovation rate increased to 17% and our SDG rate to 68%.

Capital expenditure increased to EUR 203 million (+38%) to drive long-term organic revenue growth, innovations and operational excellence initiatives. The portfolio further optimised with three acquisitions and two divestments.

Our operational excellence programme accelerated, further optimising our structure and consolidating locations, driving our strategy and achieving our objectives.”

To the General Meeting we propose a cash dividend of EUR 1.11 per share (2021: EUR 1.01). An increase of 10% compared to last year.

In 2023, we started with a strong orderbook and will relentlessly execute our strategy Aalberts ‘accelerates unique positioning’.

publication full year results 2022
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