retirement Chief Executive Officer Wim Pelsma


  • Wim Pelsma will step down as Chief Executive Officer second half of 2023
  • 12 years Chief Executive Officer, 15 years Management Board, 24 years Aalberts
  • Supervisory Board started process to find successor for Wim Pelsma

Aalberts N.V. announces that Wim Pelsma has notified the Supervisory Board that he wishes to step down as Chief Executive Officer in the second half of 2023.

Wim Pelsma (59) joined Aalberts in 1999 and was appointed to the Management Board of Aalberts N.V. in April 2009. In April 2012 he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

Wim Pelsma, Chief Executive Officer
“Aalberts has undergone a considerable transformation over the last decade and realised sustainable profitable growth over many years. The company is in excellent shape and very well positioned for the future with great business teams and long-term growth plans with a lot of potential. Although there is never a good moment for a leadership transfer, I feel comfortable now to make this step. I am proud and have been enormously privileged to lead such an exceptional group of people and great businesses with unique market positions and technologies.

End of next year, after almost 12 years as Chief Executive Officer, 15 years as Management Board member and more than 24 years at Aalberts, the right time has come for me to move on and hand over the leadership of the company. All these many years Aalberts always had my full focus and energy, it has been a fantastic entrepreneurial journey.”

Peter van Bommel, Chairman
“Although with regret, we respect the decision taken by Wim Pelsma and highly appreciate his significant contributions to the growth and development of Aalberts, bringing the company to the excellent state it is in today. We are looking forward to remain working together in 2023 to ensure a smooth transfer to his successor.”

Wim Pelsma will remain Chief Executive Officer and step down from the Management Board in the second half of 2023. He will assist the Management Board to ensure a smooth transition until the end of 2023.

The Supervisory Board has started the process to find a successor for Wim Pelsma.

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