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major tunnelling deal 'sealed'


  • a customer in North America required a reliable Ring Joint system in an 18‐foot diameter underground tunnel
  • Aalberts integrated piping systems provided an innovative product that enables higher pressures to run through the tunnel without the need to upsize the wall thickness of the pipe
  • teamwork played a key role on a project with an extremely tight timeline
Building an 18‐foot diameter underground tunnel that is earthquake proof and capable of carrying huge quantities of treated water is no easy feat. It requires the most reliable, high-quality piping connection products available on the market, backed up by a company known for its collaborative spirit. That is why Aalberts integrated piping systems was chosen to supply their innovative ring joint system for a major tunnelling project in the United States.

pioneering products
Aalberts provided the customer, who had successfully used our systems previously for other projects, with the ring joint system. This is an innovative product line that enables a stronger and more secure joint throughout the tunnel while maintaining the full thickness of the pipe. As well as offering engineering advantages, this also leads to significant financial savings.

Yet reliability and engineering benefits weren’t the only reasons the ring joint system was chosen. Aalberts was chosen as partner because of the speed of things and have the customer's interest at heart. The Aalberts teamwork and customer-first attitude were outstanding according to the client. The timeline was extremely tight on this project, yet there was tremendous coordination between the customer, the sales team in the United States, and the APAC team, all of whom responded with a sense of urgency and responsibility. This attention to detail is what has kept the production ahead of schedule.

Providing exemplary service will help ensure we continue to prosper on future projects, large and small. This partnership has proven to be a winning formula!
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Lisanne Zwinkels
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