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Aalberts integrated piping systems has provided state-of-the-art valves for the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system at Birmingham Symphony Hall, an iconic building in the United Kingdom that hosts approximately 270 events a year, which has expanded its performance space. The result is a comfortable and relaxing environment for performers and visitors alike. 

“t was decided that the best valve to assist in achieving a clean and problem-free install was to select from the Pegler ProFlow 1600 Dynamic PICV series”
Cole Greenwood
national sales manager Aalberts integrated piping systems

right choice
"The Birmingham Symphony Hall was officially opened by the Queen on 12 June 1991" says Cole Greenwood, national sales manager at Pegler. "Since then, it was decided to improve the HVAC system to provide better balancing of the hydronic system to allow for greater energy efficiencies and greater comfort control. New pipework connecting to old pipework presented challenges in removing debris from the pipework system and preventing contamination from the old to the new system, which would lead to possible blockages on terminal units such as fan coil systems. After careful consideration of the system requirements and consultation, it was decided that the best valve to assist in achieving a clean and problem-free install was to select from the Pegler ProFlow 1600 Dynamic PICV series. The selected valve was made because debris contamination is virtually impossible when in use due to the innovative, uniquely designed, integral flushing bypass valve.The valve allows for high velocity, full bore, flushing of debris to drain before commissioning in accordance with BSRIA BG29 guidance for boh stage 1 forward flushing and stage 2 backflushing. Additional valves, such as isolation valves and distancing pieces, do not need to be installed as the Pegler ProFlow 1600 Dynamic PICV does not need to be removed from the circuit, preventing costly valve mix-ups on reinstallation when using traditional PICV’s. The Pegler valve was also selected because it saves space, saves time, and saves money when compared to traditional PICV installations". 

great reputation
"Our particular challenge on this project was to create an integrated plumbing system that succinctly delivered all services to the various areas at a consistent and efficient level of performance," explains Matthew Rose, project manager at Manstal, which installed the system. “We are well aware of the quality of the Pegler brand and had no hesitation to use the Proflow PICV on such an iconic project, which will ensure a consistent level of performance throughout the HVAC system."

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