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publication full year results 2009


  • Market position strengthened through focus on additional sales effort and organisational improvements
  • Structural cost reductions, working capital management and reduction of net debt by EUR 135 million
  • Solid balance sheet ratios: total equity 39.7% of total assets
  • Net profit H2 2009 (EUR 35.9 million) clearly better than H1 2009 (EUR 18.3 million)
  • Revenue EUR 1,405 million (negative effect of exchange rates EUR 35 million)
  • Added-value* margin improved to 58.9% of revenue
  • Operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) EUR 168.8 million (12.0% of revenue)
  • Operating profit (EBITA) EUR 98.9 million (7.0% of revenue)
  • Net profit EUR 54.2 million; earnings per ordinary share EUR 0.51
  • Cash flow from operations EUR 240.5 million, net cash flow EUR 52.2 million
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