acquisition Pneu/Tec in the Netherlands


  • acquisition Pneu/Tec B.V., the Netherlands
  • 32 employees, annual revenue approximately EUR 15 million
  • specialised in vacuum, pneumatic and electronic technology

further strengthened position in semicon efficiency

Aalberts Industries N.V. has reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Pneu/Tec B.V. (PNEUTEC), based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, founded by Mr. Gerrit Bootsman in 1987 and generating an annual revenue of approximately EUR 15 million with 32 FTE. PNEUTEC is an engineering company specialised in vacuum, pneumatic and electronic technology. It delivers integrated system solutions for Key Accounts mainly in the Semicon & Science end market. The company has also developed niche applications for other end markets, utilising its core technologies. Besides engineering PNEUTEC also assembles modules in its clean room, which has just been expanded.

PNEUTEC will bring Aalberts Nano Technology additional vacuum, pneumatic and electronic technologies plus engineering capacity to develop the many ongoing projects in the several end markets. Through Key Account management Aalberts Nano Technology will be able to offer more engineered solutions to existing customers of both companies, combining engineering, project management and manufacturing and assembly knowledge.

PNEUTEC will be integrated in the organisation of Aalberts Nano Technology, which has manufacturing and assembly locations in the Netherlands, Germany and North America and sales offices in many parts of the world. The project management, based at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven in the Netherlands, will now be strengthened with the engineering capabilities of PNEUTEC in Hoofddorp. Through this acquisition Aalberts Nano Technology will accelerate its organic growth.

The results of PNEUTEC will be consolidated from 1 July 2017. The acquisition will directly contribute to the earnings per share and will be financed from existing credit facilities.

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