intensified partnership with ASML in semicon efficiency

Aalberts Industries reached a long-term agreement with Key Account ASML, based in the Netherlands. The past 12 months teams of both companies worked on two big projects to intensify and expand the existing business partnership.

These projects are related to the newly developed EUV and the existing XT/NXT machine tool programs of ASML. Both projects will start in 2017 and generate significant additional annual revenue in our Semicon & Science end market.

The coming years Aalberts Nano Technology will invest approximately EUR 7 million in assembly, cleaning and testing equipment, clean room facilities, precision machining and tooling to ensure the quality, service and additional organic growth.

This will be done in our existing manufacturing locations in Nijmegen and ‘t Harde (the Netherlands) and Raunheim (Germany). Also the project management and engineering capacity will be strengthened in the existing location at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

Due to a combined offering of innovative technologies, Aalberts Nano Technology is able to deliver a better service to its Key Accounts and to create a more intensified partnership.

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