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custom-designed piping system solutions


  • the made-to-measure-solutions of Aalberts integrated piping systems have been used to help transform old industrial buildings into an office, working and housing complex
  • using these solutions have resulted in time and cost savings

Adapting historic industrial buildings into a modern residential and business estate requires innovation and a clear focus on customers’ requirements. Which is precisely what VSH, part of Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems, is doing. Their made-to-measure-solutions are being used helping a customer transform old industrial buildings into an office, working and housing complex in Hilversum, the Netherlands. 

the right technology
With the developers focused on creating 'buildings of the future', they have selected a ground-coupled heat exchanger (GCHE) system. One of the requirements for this heating system is that it needs to be constructed from a material resistant to heating and cooling, which traditionally would be copper or stainless steel. However, working closely with Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems Design Service®, the installer selected a novel / advanced combination of the thick-walled VSH PowerPress® system and the VSH Shurjoint.

creating real benefits
Together the two VSH systems have resulted in a huge time saving of the installation compared to a fit system and are substantially more cost effective than either a copper or stainless steel system. By adapting to their customers’ requirements, Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems again highlights their ability to exceed their customers’ expectations.

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