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publication full year results 2018


  • revenue +2% to EUR 2,759 million (organic +5%)
  • operating profit (EBITA) +9% to EUR 366 million; EBITA-margin improved to 13.3%
  • net profit before amortisation +15% to EUR 275 million; earnings per share EUR 2.49 (+16%)
  • free cash flow amounted to EUR 312 million; ROCE improved to 16.6%
  • continued investments in organic growth and innovation initiatives
  • bolt-on acquisitions: PEM, VAF, Co-Planar and RMF; annual revenue of EUR 82 million
  • annual revenue of EUR 97 million divested and optimised

organic revenue growth +5%; earnings per share +16%; continued investments in growth and innovations

Wim Pelsma - CEO

“We delivered a strong performance with 5% organic revenue growth, an improved EBITA-margin to 13.3%, a net profit increase of 15% and an improved ROCEto 16.6%. We have relentlessly driven forward our updated Aalberts strategy ‘focused acceleration’. Many investments were made in organic growth and innovation initiatives, facilitating the long-term plans and innovation roadmaps of our dedicated and motivated business teams. We further strengthened our market positions and optimised our portfolio through acquisitions and divestments. Our new Aalberts company passport was launched during the year and we worked on many operational improvements through our Aalberts’ networks to further professionalise our organisation. We will propose to the General Meeting a cash dividend of EUR 0.75 per share (2017: EUR 0.65) an increase of 15%.”
publication full year results 2018
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