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rolling out climate technology pilots enabling to create business models

rolling out climate technology pilots enabling to create business models

Focused on implementing our long-term business plan and innovation roadmap, we rolled out a series of pilots to develop ‘digital’ solutions and data collection, enabling us to create new business models. Our climate technology portfolio and services are aimed at enabling building owners to save energy and water.

For example, in France we worked with a building owner of 72 social housing apartments to install our Smart Home Thermostats. The pilot covered two out of three identical buildings, enabling the owner to perform a comparative test. The tenants only provided ‘too cold’ or ‘too hot’ feedback and the thermostats took care of the rest: learning the thermal inertia of the building and apartment occupancy. 

As well as leading to improved comfort for tenants, our technology also resulted in a significant drop in energy use compared to those apartments without our thermostats. The owner now has the possibility to use the information that is generated for monitoring and maintenance.

The pilots bring us great insights and enable us to learn fast. Our pragmatic culture and lean structure will keep us ahead of the game. 
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