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  • Aalberts hydronic flow control undertook the challenge to design a state-of-the-art underfloor heating for a church
  • the project included the hydraulic study, selecting materials, drawing up the transfer plan and working with the installers

Maintaining the ideal temperature in large buildings is key to making occupants feel comfortable. But what if the building’s a little more complex? This was the challenge undertaken by Aalberts hydronic flow control, when they designed a state-of-the-art underfloor heating system for a church in Belgium undergoing a major restoration.

multi-purpose environment
It’s not easy to heat a building with ceilings the height of a church, and because the building is protected there are strict restrictions on the engineering work that can be done.

Aalberts hydronic flow control decided to use underfloor heating for a number of key reasons. The first is that the heat is released by radiation, which creates a very pleasant temperature to a height of about two meters, which is ideal in such a building. Second, the system is silent, which is important in an area where people worship and there are performances taking place. And third, because it is basically a low-temperature heating system, it is energy efficient. Aalberts hydronic flow control built the system around the BioPex pipe, which is made up of five layers to prevent oxygen from dissolving into the water. This increases the system’s lifespan.

end-to-end partner
Aalberts hydronic flow control carried out the hydraulic study, selected the materials, drew up the transfer plan and worked with the installer to select the correct materials. They also drew up the transfer plan and supplied the underfloor heating pipes, boiler connections and control valves. By acting as an end-to-end partner, we provide our customers with complete peace of mind.

Lisanne Zwinkels
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