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piping systems contributing to Telus sky tower receiving certifications

In 2018, the Telus Sky Tower opens its doors in Canada. This 750,000 square feet multi-purpose tower will incorporate office, retail and residential spaces (58 stories and 341 residential units).
Our grooved piping systems will contribute to achieving the LEED Platinum (office/retail) and LEED Gold (residential) certifications. A great example of a ‘green building’ with our connection technology.
The customer selected our grooved piping system enabling 3-10 times faster and easier installations compared to traditional joining methods such as welding, threading or flanging. Our grooved systems only require a spanner for installation, with no need for flames or cutting oils on the job site. Plus, our grooved piping system contains over 90% recycled content. The flexible design couplings allow for pipe expansion and contraction with temperature changes, noise and vibration attenuation.
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