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smart innovation for heating systems

smart innovation for heating systems

Lower energy consumption, less wear and tear, fewer breakdowns, a longer lifespan and a more efficient heating and cooling installation. While it may sound too good to be true, these are the benefits enjoyed by customers who have installed our XStream air and dirt separator.

mission-critical device
“Our goal is to create products that increase the system efficiency, are more user-friendly and more sustainable,” says Dennis Krikken, manager product management at Aalberts hydronic flow control. “The XStream air and dirt separator achieves all three. Once installed, the unit removes oxygen from the water throughout the HVAC hydronic loops. It also removes any particles that may remain in the circuits after installation.”

worry-free operation
Throughout the operation of the building, the XStream air and dirt separator removes oxygen and other gases that are dissolved in the water, helping prevent corrosion in the circuits or within the equipment. This extends the lifespan of the HVAC system. It also removes any dirt particles that may get released over time in the water.

Not only does the XStream air and dirt separator mean a longer-lasting system, it’s also more efficient and sustainable: it's proven to cut heating systems' energy usage by up to 15%, and up to 6% more efficient heating system.

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