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Megatrends as climate change and natural resource scarcity further push the transition towards sustainable transportation. As Aalberts, we want to be where real change happens. Where big ideas come to life and the future is written.

While taking airplanes is being discouraged for environmental reasons, the aviation industry has committed to carbon-neutral growth starting from 2020. The automotive industry, with its ongoing innovations, demands increasingly better performance of engines and technical components. The vast majority of worldwide non-bulk cargo is still transported by container ships and new Sulphur legislation demands further fuel reduction as of 2020.

Aalberts surface technologies plays an essential role as the demand emerges for weight reduction, higher performance (endurance) and higher specification of materials. With additive manufacturing and extremely durable coatings and heat treatments, we improve the material characteristics for leading industrial customers in the automotive and aerospace industry.

As the world is changing rapidly and innovation cycles are reduced dramatically, the open and pragmatic Aalberts culture helps us exchange fresh thinking and embrace new technologies. It keeps us ahead of the game, no matter how frequently or significantly the game is disrupted.

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