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eco-friendly buildings

For homeowners and occupants of buildings the challenge is utterly clear: to realise energy efficiency and to keep the planet in good shape their heating and cooling systems must perform seamlessly and efficiently, while consuming as less energy as possible.

From the heat source to heat emission to heat distribution, Aalberts hydronic flow control covers a broad spectrum of mission-critical building technology systems that make residential, commercial and industrial buildings eco-friendly.

For the distribution and control of liquids and gasses, Aalberts piping systems engineers the optimum piping system (fittings, valves, pipes and fasteners) for each unique building or vertical, with a clear promise: the integrated system is easy to specify and install, plus it saves important preparation and installation time.

With long-established international brands and decades of experience we are partnering with our stakeholders in every step of the building lifecycle.

strategy in action
eco-friendly pipe fittings

Aalberts is accelerating its sustainability-focused innovation through the production of composite products to connect plastic drinking water pipes, thereby providing customers with safe, eco-friendly, and long-lasting solutions for all their water pipe connection needs.

proving hydrogen's potential

Initial tests carried out by a consortium of companies that includes Aalberts suggest that hydrogen can be used to safely heat residential homes and their water supply, paving the way for additional research into optimising and scaling up the use of this clean and renewable fuel in the built environment.

sustainability through design

BROEN is constructing an advanced sustainable production facility in Denmark to manufacture its latest valve range.

great win for ISIFLO

Isiflo has won a four-year contract to supply water connections to De Watergroep in Belgium.

recognising the power of innovation

UWS Technologie, part of Aalberts hydronic flow control, has been recognised as one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

showing investors Aalberts' magic
acquisition UWS and Heat-Power in Germany
enabling sustainable water distribution
Water is an undervalued resource the world over, so ensuring that it is distributed safely, sustainably, and efficiently is vital if countries want to safeguard their long-term water security.
striking the right note
transformational technology, used virtually
With technological transformation as one of Aalberts' main drivers, Aalberts hydronic flow control is introducing virtual reality (VR) training for one of their key products the Flamcomat.
renovation leading to greater sustainability
Aalberts integrated piping systems has given landmark office building the Avérotoren in the city of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, a more sustainable future by providing the piping for the climate installation system, a key part of the building’s comprehensive renovation.
connecting hydrogen to the home
As part of a consortium, Aalberts has connected an existing home to a local, underground hydrogen network.
finding new ways to connect to customers
Aalberts hydronic flow control is showing ingenuity in connecting with its customers, to present their latest innovations. This week the company is hosting a series of online innovation shows for customers - broadcast in the morning, afternoon and evening - showcasing its latest products and inventions, and holding live Q&A sessions.
state-of-the-art, eco-friendly distribution centre
In building a new distribution centre, Henco has taken sustainability to a next level. 
acquisition Wilfer in Germany
We are happy to announce another great addition to the portfolio of Aalberts hydronic flow control
acquisition Sentinel in United Kingdom
Aalberts N.V. has reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Sentinel Performance Solutions Group Limited (Sentinel) based in Daresbury (UK), generating an annual revenue of approximately GBP 20 million with 60 FTE.
exchanging technology knowledge on-site
sharing knowledge, driving progress
we have recently launched our first share-and-learn session that enables company experts to demonstrate best practices to colleagues from around the world.
augmented reality
Aalberts integrated piping systems is using augmented reality glasses to train colleagues and better solve operational issues.
world's most sustainable building
The new office of Aalberts hydronic flow control in Almere, the Netherlands, has just been nominated for an award as the most sustainable building in the world.
proud contribution to another BREEAM building
For the headquarters of a public institution in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Aalberts integrated piping systems recently installed a range of systems that contribute to a heating and cooling system that is energy neutral.
contributing to global sustainable goals
To create more sustainable impact, we will donate a product's annual CO2 compensation to sustainable hydropower projects in Brazil.
major tunnelling deal 'sealed'
Building an 18‐foot diameter underground tunnel that is earthquake proof and capable of carrying huge quantities of treated water is no easy feat. It requires the most reliable, high-quality piping connection products available on the market, backed up by a company known for its collaborative spirit. That is why Aalberts integrated piping systems was chosen to supply their innovative ring joint system for a major tunnelling project in the United States.
intelligent valves for district energy
reliable and energy efficient valve technology to pump steam, hot water and cold water through customers' underground pipe system.
custom-designed tunnel pipe systems
We provide complex tunnelling solutions and were awarded the contract to provide parts for a road tunnel on Suhua Highway, Taiwan.
expediting commercial property in the USA

Time is money. This is something developers in the commercial property market in the United States, where there is a squeeze on skilled technicians, are acutely aware of. They're looking for suppliers who can provide complete piping systems that are easy to install, reliable, and don't cause delays. Aalberts integrated piping systems has the answer.

custom-designed heating and cooling systems
In the commercial building sector in the Netherlands, designing and engineering heating and cooling systems is a complex task. At Aalberts integrated piping systems, we provide an integrated design service for installers, easing their work load and creating a custom-designed heating and cooling system.
helping the housing market prosper

As a specialist in developing and producing pipes, connectors, fire protection systems and heating and cooling systems, Aalberts integrated piping systems is leading the way in providing installation firms with high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

new HQ rated top-10
Aalberts hydronic flow control's new head office has just been awarded the BREEAM outstanding certificate.
smart innovation for heating systems
Lower energy consumption, less wear and tear, fewer breakdowns, a longer lifespan and a more efficient heating and cooling installation. While it may sound too good to be true, these are the benefits enjoyed by customers who have installed our XStream air and dirt separator
energy prediction with smart thermostats
Unused energy is wasted energy. And while attaining true energy efficiency is an ambitious goal, we believe it’s one worth aiming towards. We know that it involves delivering energy within a building to the right place at the right time. Yet how do you achieve this with imperfect information? And how can you anticipate occupants’ needs, instead of simply reacting to too much or too little heat?
balanced heating systems
Across Europe, the majority of today’s buildings have heating systems that are either unbalanced or poorly balanced. Yet balanced hydronic system flows are vital to ensure not only optimum comfort for buildings’ residents, but also to minimise energy usage and cut costs.
heat on-demand for water and heating
Around 20% of Europe’s total energy consumption comes from renewable sources. But renewables often come from irregular sources, such as wind or solar, which means it’s vital that we create ways to store energy to use when required. Aalberts has created just such a product, enabling heat in homes to be stored and then used on-demand to provide hot water and central heating.
hydrogen: test from the lab to the home
As a sustainable energy source, there is growing interest in using hydrogen to heat homes in place of natural gas. To help test the feasibility of such a switch, Aalberts hydronic flow control and Aalberts integrated piping systems are participating in a ground-breaking three-month pilot study in the Dutch city of Groningen.
gate valve innovation
With everyone having to adapt to business changes resulting from COVID-19, ISIFLO used an imaginative way to successfully launch their most recent product, an innovative new gate valve.
heating solutions in unconventional locations
Maintaining the ideal temperature in large buildings is key to making occupants feel comfortable. But what if the building’s a little more complex? This was the challenge undertaken by Aalberts hydronic flow control, when they designed a state-of-the-art underfloor heating system for a church in Belgium undergoing a major restoration.
data pioneers in our industry
We live and work in a data-driven world. For many companies, being able to access and utilise information quickly and effectively is the holy grail of data management. Over the last eight years Aalberts integrated piping systems has consecutively pioneered the use of managing data centrally, and sharing it internationally with websites, data pools, and wholesalers.
entrepreneurial spirit during COVID-19
At Aalberts we embrace ongoing uncertainty and disruption as an opportunity to differentiate and to show our unique strengths. We continue to support our customers and develop cutting-edge solutions. It's this entrepreneurial and can-do spirit that will help us emerge stronger from the current crisis.
ahead of our game with balancing valve
Water in heating and cooling systems needs to be distributed equally and efficiently from the source to the emitters.
most sustainable expansion vessel
Expansion vessels are key components in many hydronic heating systems. They ensure the systems run safely and efficiently, and that water expansion goes unnoticed by a building’s occupants. But they need to be robust. Aalberts hydronic flow control has worked on the Flexcon expansion vessel that has the smallest possible environmental footprint, and lasts significantly longer than other vessels on the market.
new facilities to facilitate growth and improve efficiency
heating solutions for iconic building
We’re specialists in many areas here at Aalberts, but we’re particularly skilled in working together to develop remarkable solutions to customers’ problems. So it’s no surprise that an international team from Aalberts hydronic flow control recently secured a lightning-fast contract to supply heating solutions at one of London’s most iconic buildings.
digital platform for heating and cooling
Aalberts hydronic flow control is taking heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems into the digital age with the Flamconnect, a digital portal that lets the company monitor the status of heating and cooling systems online. As well as helping customers better maintain and operate their systems, the new platform will also lead to more sustainable buildings.
custom-designed piping system solutions
Adapting historic industrial buildings into a modern residential and business estate requires innovation and a clear focus on customers’ requirements. Which is precisely what VSH, part of Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems, is doing. Their made-to-measure-solutions are being used helping a customer transform old industrial buildings into an office, working and housing complex in Hilversum, the Netherlands.
sponsor-project engineering students
climate technology pilots to create business models
Focused on implementing our long-term business plan and innovation roadmap, we rolled out a series of pilots to develop ‘digital’ solutions and data collection, enabling us to create new business models
valves and fittings for Hong Kong railway station
West Kowloon Railway Station is one of the major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong. It is the first terminus of the Hong Kong section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link. (XRL) The station was formally opened on September 2018 and high speed trains started to operate from 23 September 2018. It is expected to serve more than 109,000 passengers a day and act as a connection that extends across China.
increasingly smarter hydronic systems for transportation of heat and cold
How does the team at Aalberts approach challenges? And what are they doing to stand out from the crowd?
making OVO Wroclaw in Poland eco-friendly
With audaciously modern architectural lines, OVO Wroclaw is a multi-functional and luxurious complex that includes apartments, offices, shops, restaurants and bars as well as a 189-room hotel and conference centre.
integrated technology for electrical car gigafactory (Nevada)
When America’s most disruptive manufacturer of electrical vehicles announced it was building its gigafactory in Reno (Nevada), there was a scramble for position amongst contractors and their installation technology suppliers.
piping systems contributing to Telus sky tower receiving certifications
In 2018, the Telus Sky Tower opens its doors in Canada. This 750,000 square feet multi-purpose tower will incorporate office, retail and residential spaces (58 stories and 341 residential units).
acquisition Van Roij Engineering in the Netherlands
acquisition Hartman Groenlo Beheer in the Netherlands
acquisition Standard Hidráulica in Spain
acquisition 51% interest Meibes Zeitspar-Armaturen für Heiztechnik in Germany
acquisition Yorkshire Fittings and Woeste 'Yorkshire' in United Kingdom
acquisition Elkhart Products Corporation (EPC) in America
acquisition Pegler in United Kingdom
acquisition Comap in France
acquisition Alphacan in France
acquisition Henco in Belgium
acquisition KAN in Poland
acquisition Conbraco Industries in America
acquisition Nexus Valve in America
acquisition Flamco in the Netherlands
acquisition Shurjoint in America, China and Taiwan